Willie Ladson

CEO & Director

Willie Ladson (June 27th, 1970) is a former American professional basketball player who played in Spain and over 13 countries around the world.

Robert Joseph

Basket & English USA Chaperone

Robert Joseph ( May 5, 1978) is a former Haitian professional basketball player who played in the Spanish basketball league system for twelve seasons.

Guillermo Cacharrón


Guillermo Cacharrón (12 of August  1993) is a pediatric medical specialist and an amateur basketball player. Guillermo has been involved in the program since it’s origin back in 2008. He participated in the Basket & English USA three years in a row. It is a pleasure to have him part of my team. After his […]

Jorge Molinero

Director de marketing and international events

Jorge,(April 30th 1976), is an ex ACB and EBA professional basketball player. He played on the selection team from Valladolid.