BenX Global Basketball Summer Program

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    9 July, 2023 - 19 July, 2023
    10 days


    Houston,Texas   View map

    What is GBSP?

    Global Basketball Summer Program  is divided into two sessions designed for foreign players. We create this program for players that wish to test the waters of grassroots basketball in the USA. Players come and spend a session (10-Day) with BenX Sports, Training with Elite Skills and Performance Development Trainers, – Positional Skill Work, Body Performance, and Shooting. The objective of the training sessions is to create real quantifiable improvement that has a consistent numerical reflection on the player’s game. Each player’s performance is to be tested at multiple games in competitive BenX Sports tournaments, against our respected high-level basketball organizations. Who is BenX Sports? Powered by BenX Sports are scientifically designed training systems with hard numbers and percentages that allow players to visualize their progression. In addition, we use the most recent supporting computer and video tools to help players see, acknowledge and correct mechanical errors and inefficient movements that help create the most accurate efficient performance. In the world of sports for over 30 years, we developed and implemented a global sports training curriculum, the copyrighted – The 4 Principles of Sports Training and The 4 Foundation to Athletic Workouts. All of these have been implemented though out the world with Master sports trainer Ben Simmons sport Institute international outlets. How it Works.

    BENX SPORTS’s GBSP is 10-Day Basketball Program That has a cost of $3,800 USD per 10 Days.To reserve a spot now, a non-refundable deposit of $1,650 USD is required.

    Educational Opportunities We put education at the forefront of BENX SPORTS’s mission. We have ideal relationships with many private schools throughout the USA. We will make introductions and take students to visit schools, and work to help get them information on how to be placed in an American private school. There may be costs associated with your child attending a private school in the USA. Boarding and Amenities Provided Breakfast (1), Snack (1) and Hot Meal (1) Parents and Guardians are welcome to give children funds for additional food Computer access, Wi-Fi, Television SAFETY: Alarm System/ Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detector/ Fire Extinguisher Central Heating and Air Conditioning Washer/Dryer Stove, Refrigerator, & Microwave , Flat Screen Television Keyless entry into Living Facilities Medical It is our intent to ensure the well-being of your child. If a student athlete informs us on their medical history form and requires the daily intake of medicine, they required to present them to the staff immediately upon arriving. Medicine should enclose the necessary information for the control of the process, such as frequency, dosage, etc. If the student athlete requires special attention to diabetes or is allergic to certain foods or medicines, it is very important to specify on the medical history form when applying to this GBSP 10-Day program. You must return the medical history form sheet prior to your arrival. Without this form you will not be able to participate in any physical activity until we have received it. Make sure to bring your government issued medical cards with you as well. Treatment Consent Consent Form Signed Prior to Final Acceptance into GBSP. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property BENX SPORTS is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. We recommend not bringing any expensive or unnecessary items. Transportation BENX SPORTS arranges all transportation service for the students to all scheduled events, by means of our own vehicles or using transport companies. Please complete the Global Basketball Summer Program TRANSPORTATION FORM prior to arrival. Laundry Washer, Dryer, and Detergent are available for all student athletes. And may incur a small cost. Benefits of BENX SPORTS’s International 10-Day Basketball Program include:

    GET RECORDED BY BENX TO BE REWARDED BY EXPOSEU Our Top-ranking exposure service with 97% success ExposeU can connect your content including your highlight video and detailed profile to 2000+ Coaches to find you the best possible athletic scholarship opportunities. Paying only $600 USD to receive thousands of dollars’ worth athletic scholarships may be offered to. If you use BenX Code FREE Highlight video of BenX GBSP Tournament will be recorded and gifted to you for FREE! If you are shooting for the stars we want to make sure the stars see you in good shape!

    ExposeU plan GBSP will have the total cost of 4400$ BENX Highlight Video Shooting and Editing is FREE To reserve a spot now, a non-refundable deposit of $1,800 USD is required.

    Basketball Training Placement on a BENX SPORTS Basketball Team BenX Analytical Evaluation Consultation Points of Emphasis created workout Training Needs with a detailed Plan of Action. Approximately 2-Days Tournament versus various other teams Approximately 12 Practices – Per 10-Days program Individual Workouts and Training Available Full Reversible Jerseys Transportation to and from Facilities Outings to Experience Student-Athlete Attractions EXPERIENCE THE STARS We will take you from Houston BenX Sports facility to Star Student- Athlete Attractions and make sure you will have a star-studded experience. OPEN YOUR GATE TO THE STARS NASA, Houston VISIT STAR HIGH SCHOOLS St. Johns Episcopal John Cooper Kinkaid School SHOOT FOR A STAR LIKE THIS Top 2 Ranking, University of Houston MEET NBA STARS NBA San Antonio Spurs facility NBA Houston Rockets facility.

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